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Sales & Logistics Engineer


Job scope

Duties and responsibilities

Direct and coordinate logistic program(s) for MB USI, Tier suppliers and service centers activities ensuring effective and economical delivery of KOSTAL products by coordinating activities concerning manufacturing or servicing of KOSTAL products using ERP and SAP; Analyze contractual commitments, customer specifications, design changes, and other data in planning and developing logistic program activities from conceptual stage through the life-cycle of product using START system; Prepare long-term service parts forecast; Coordinate delivery of samples; Develop and implement program activities; Coordinate efforts of production departments; Field service personnel and resolve problems in the area of logistics ensuring meeting of contractual commitments; Determine customer capacity for production lines using BKM system; Coordinate returnable material; Provide support to the logistics department by developing and initiating preparation of communication bulletins and information systems; Compile data on standardization and interchangeability of parts using CIM Database in order to expedite logistics activities; Determine logistic support sequences and time phasing; Handle problems arising from location of operational area, and other factors, such as environmental and human factors affecting personnel; Perform special research or technical studies critical to logistic support functions; and Utilize computer techniques for analysis, simulation, or information systems and documentation using eDocs.

Location: 10077 Brose Drive, Suite 200, Vance, AL 35490

Minimum Qualifications:
Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Engineering, or in a related field of study (will accept equivalent foreign degree)

Multiple academic programs and/or experience may be combined and evaluated by a professional evaluation service to be the equivalent of a U.S. Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Engineering, or a related field of study.


Four (4) years in the position above, as an MRP Controller, Logistics Engineer, Logistics Controller, or in a related occupation.
Will also accept six (6) years of work experience in the job offered, as an MRP Controller, Logistics Engineer, Logistics Controller, or in the related occupation in lieu of the primary education and experience requirement;

Other Requirements:
Experience must include work with or use of ERP, SAP, BKM system, START system, eDocs, and CIM Database

Will also accept any suitable combination of education, training, and/or experience

Employer Contact:
Senior Human Resources Generalist
Kostal of America, Inc.
350 Stephenson Highway

Troy, MI 48083


  • Fax your resume to (248) 284-2114



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