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Tooling Project Engineer


Job scope

Duties and responsibilities

Responsible for developing new plastic injection molding tools and plastic injection tooling construction for automotive parts of hydroscopic/engineering materials, in accordance with corporate requirements and specifications; support applications such as single shot, 2-shot with turning mechanism built-in the tool, 2-shot with external turn table, Multiple 2-shot and 3-shot Applications Pick & Place; utilize external Turntable and Overmolding Applications, Micromolding and Thin-Wall injection processing to successfully deliver cutting edge automotive electromechanical devices; implement state-of-the-art tool making processes and techniques for high-precision applications including, high temperature process of resins using water above 100 Celsius (212 Fahrenheit), double ejection, inverted ejection, tandem injection, hydraulic ejection and indexing plates.

Utilize an understanding of mechanical components and concepts for fabrication of injection molding tools using Core and cavity side ejection with floating cores, collapsible cores, mechanical lifters with self movement for precision parts using double ejector mechanisms; provide engineering support from initial product design through to the release of the tools to the production facility; ensure tools meet authorized budgets, production feasibility and customer timing requirements; develop tooling timing, make engineering changes during the manufacturing of the tool and dimensional corrections; plan the production industrialization which includes production machinery availability, additional equipment, and automation systems needed to produce parts, ensuring items are installed and ready for final tooling production activities; utilized tools, techniques and programs such as CAD/CAM systems, 5-axis VMC, Sink EDM, Wire EDM, GD&T, Statistical Process Controls, ERP systems, Measurement JIG, Gage Construction, Laser Welding, MS Project and Advanced Features to perform assigned duties.

Evaluate tooling orders received from the production engineering department to determine whether tooling should be manufactured in-house or procured from the outside vendor, taking into consideration factors including tooling feasibility of plastics and metals components, and tooling cost based on local and international markets; investigate new available tooling technologies in the global markets, and analyze blueprints to determine tool requirements and special materials to be ordered; quote new tools and compile manufacturing costs; evaluate outside suppliers to determine if they meet optimal quality, cost and timing standards according to corporate specifications; generate and track the proprietary tool development timing from the design stage through to production release at the production facility; prepare requisitions for items to be purchased, contact tool room, purchasing receiving, or other personnel to follow up on procurement or production activities and to expedite movement of tools between departments or vendors; maintain manual and computerized records of tooling procurement, status, and disposition information; evaluate tools and tool records to determine disposition of tools, process requests for tool repairs and engineering changes; and coordinate and provide technical support between internal facilities and subsidiaries.

Location: 350 Stephenson Hwy, Troy, MI 48083

Minimum Qualifications:
Bachelors - Industrial Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, or in a related field of study (will accept equivalent foreign degree).


Two (2) years in the position above, as a Tooling Engineer, as a Manufacturing Engineer, or in a related occupation.

Other Requirements:
Experience must include plastic injection tooling construction; use of CAD/CAM systems, 5-axis VMC, Sink EDM, Wire EDM, GD&T, Statistical Process Controls, ERP systems, Measurement JIG, Gage Construction, Laser Welding, MS Project and Advanced Features.

Will also accept any suitable combination of education, training and/or experience.

Employer Contact:
Human Resources
Kostal of America, Inc.
350 Stephenson Highway

Troy, MI 48083


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